Council Contacts

Members of the Denver City Council will vote on the proposed zoning change.

Make sure they know what you think.

If you send us an opposition letter, we’ll share it with City Council members. Or you can contact them directly. (Please see below.)

District 5 City Council Representative:

Mary Beth Susman
Councilwoman District 5
Phone: (720)337-5555

City Council members at large

Robin Kniech
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7712
Deborah Ortega
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7713

City Council Neighborhoods and Planning Committee (set to review the rezoning application on Feb. 18 – date subject to change)

Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman (our coucilwoman) is chair – Please see contact information above


Judy H. Montero
Councilwoman District 9
Phone: (720) 337-7709

Other members:

Albus Brooks
Councilman District 8
Phone: (720) 337-8888
Chris Nevitt
Councilman District 7
Phone: (720) 337-7777
Jeanne Robb
Council District 10
Phone: (720) 337-7710




2 thoughts on “Council Contacts”

  1. We oppose the rezoning of 195 S. Monaco Pkwy. The purpose of the zoning laws is to protect residents of an area from outlandish differences in planning. Case in point, like having 120+ unit apartment houses in areas with grossly inadequate parking, and small square footages next to multi million dollar houses where people have invested a lifetime of work to have their dream home. City officials are not doing thier job.

  2. In regards to metropolitan homes trying to realness for multi family units, I strongly feel that there are many more sites out there that are zoned for their purpose. This area is congested as is. I’ve listened to many council meetings that have included reports from traffic specialists discussing the impact on traffic. Frankly, I feel that many of them are wrong. We live here, we know the traffic very well, and we all know how frustrating it is to be within two blocks of home and to be trapped in traffic! The need to build multi family is a knee jerk reaction to the current market. MH should look into multi family near DIA where it is needed.

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